Nepal Adventure Trip

About India

We still following the same Trekkiing rout that the English explorers who ranged through these areas in the 1860s. It is possible to backpack these regions, but the altitude, and absence of even a rudimentary lodge system, make it quite different from teahouse trekking in Nepal. We travel with all our gear carried on Tibetan ponies, with a sirdar-the boss of our 'caravan', a cook, local guide and all our food supplies.There are very few shops, no 'Coca-Cola' trekkers here! Wide pastures, sparkling lakes, glaciated passes, and lower down, alpine pastures. You can begin a trek in heavy forest and after crossing the Himalaya View in high wide desert.

The captivating hugeness of high plains of Ladakh; the green lush valleys of Uttaranchal; the vertical gorges of Zanskar, but above all, a beacon drawing us back again and again, the smiling people and their timeless way of life.

Many of the trails are ancient trade and pilgrimage routes, and, especially in Ladakh and Zanskar, it really is a land of passes that locals have crossed for centuries. You walk mostly on reasonable trails and will only occasionally encounter a little snow. We trek to enjoy, so the walking days are not long and we stop frequently, most days involve 4-6 hours actual walking, so you don't need to be an athlete, although there will always be the occasional tougher day.