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Air Ticketing

It is our pleasure to let you know that you can book both domestic international air tickets with us. Our air ticketing service is another invincible service that we are serving to our clients. Recently the air traveling in Nepal is increasing very highly as the road journey is long and exhausting in the mountains and mid hill regions. The Road journey even more risky and difficult as the situation of Highway is poor. In the rainy season as July, August there is no option to travel rather than airlines.

Now the domestic and international Airlines have good serving capacity in Nepal. There is air service in all majors’ cities of Nepal. You can fly to many destinations in Nepal to plan your holiday more comfortable with the majestic experience of Himalayan Kingdom.

DOMESTIC TICKETING: We arrange flight ticket to your destinations inside Nepal comfortably with majestic experience. There are several scheduled flights to major domestic airports. Most flights originate in Katmandu. Beside schedule flight, we can confirm charter flight fixed either wing or helicopter for sightseeing, transportation and rescue. You will get the ticket in better price from us as our sales volume is very good.

MOUNTAIN FLIGHT: The Everest Express, one of the world’s most exclusive tours, is a lifetime experience. A flight that takes you deep into the Himalayas, flying into valleys close to the rock face, as close as five nautical miles from the Everest itself. Now you can see the stunning beauty of nature, raw, undiluted and truly majestic.

As the plane moves towards the land of the rising sun, the eastern Himalaya a succession of glorious mountains follows. Melungtse, a Plateau - like mountain stretches up to 7,023m, Chug imago at 6,297m is still a virgin, waiting to climb. At 6,956m, Number Mountain resembles a breast, maternal source in the sky providing pure milk to the Sherpa’s of the Solu Khumbu. Next is Karyolung, an intensely white mountain that at 6,511m gleams with the rising sun. Cho-Oyu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Reaching a height of 8,201m, it appears stunningly beautiful from the aircraft.

Next on the menu, is Gyanchungkang, at a majestic height of (7,952m,) it was considered an extremely difficult climb. To the right of Gyanchungkang is Pumori (7,161m). As passengers get closer to Everest, there is Nuptse (7,855m), which means West Peak, signifying its direction from Everest. Finally, there is Everest (8,848m) itself, known as Sagarmatha by the Nepalese and Chomolungma by the Tibetans. Much has already been writing about Everest, but actually, witness is to face to face during a mountain flight is something else. Even while it looms there in front of the eyes, it remains and enigma, this highest spot on earth.

INTERNATIONAL AIR TICKETING: Now a days, there are many more options for the Nepal Travelers to obtain air ticket to Nepal Katmandu & nearby you if any travel agent or on-line ticket brokers or directly from the airline carriers you can arrange it easily.

For the international flight, you may use private airline or our national flag carrier airlines. which fly to major European flight connected destination and major Asian country where the other airlines operate the flight such as Munich Paris, London, Dubai, Osaka, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lhasa, Delhi, Mumbai, Bang lore, Varanasi, Doha, Calcutta etc. so that you may easily connected to Katmandu.