Nepal Adventure Trip

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is nestled in the Himalayas between Tibet and India. It has a lot of natural scenic beauty, rural areas, a favorable climate, rare and exotic wildlife and foliage, 8 of the highest mountains in the world and many cultural and world heritages. In addition, it has an inner hospitality, cultural and linguistic diversity, rich in cultural spirit, which represents a unique blend of Buddhism and Hinduism. The birth of place Buddha, ever-flowing rivers, glaciers and snow capped mountains are the some of the attractions which have always lured tourists to visit Nepal. Therefore, Nepal is one of the top destinations in the world for trekking.

Trekking on foot is the best way of knowing the people and places intimately. One need not be a mountaineer or a climber to trek in the hills of Nepal. A network of well-managed trails throughout connects you with the numerous villages of Nepal. Trekking is categorized into two categories, short and long. Our short trekking programs are 4 to 5 days long and our long trekking programs last 25 to 30 days long. We organize both complete lodging treks and complete camping treks. We manage the coordination of all guide services and porter services to accommodate your needs.

Thousands of visitors trek to different parts of Nepal every year to experience its rustic charm, nature and ancient culture. In the interior of the country trekkers follow age-old trails which cross riverbanks, terraced fields and forested ridges which connect picturesque homesteads and mountain villages. Most treks go through areas between 1000 to 3000 meters, although some popular parts reach over 5000 meters. For group trekkers the accompanying trekking crew arranges food and lodge accommodation that dot the main trails.

Trekking through this diverse and archaic landscape offers challenges for everyone, from the hard-core hiker lasting weeks to the spiritual seeker for just a few days. Trekking in Nepal is fun, rewarding and an experience of a lifetime. Whatever your level of fitness or experience is, you will find a magical one of a kind adventure waiting for you in Nepal.

There are many places that can only be accessed by walking. For centuries there has been very little change and no modern progression or development. Journey into some of these incredible places! Some of the major trekking destinations include:

  • Everest - Arun Valley - Solu Dhud Khunda
  • Annapurna - Jomson - Jiri Panch Pokhari
  • Langtang - Helambu - Ghanruk-Gorkha
  • Mustang (Lo-Manthang) - Trishuli Gorkha - Panchase
  • Manaslu - Jumla-Rara Lake - Chispani Nagarkot
  • Dolpo - Dhaulagiri - Siklish
  • Rolwaling - Jomsom-Muktinath - New Langtang
  • Kanchanjunga Makalu - Tamang Heritage Trail
Types of Trekking

Tea House Trekking:

Also known as lodge trekking is a relatively cheap way of trekking, where meals and accommodation are provided in a teahouse. In Nepal, it is quite popular to trek along the many trails, stopping each night to eat and sleep at a local Tea House. Meals depend on the menu at the teahouse, usually the simple basic meals of the local people. Although many tea houses and hotels in the hills and mountains are reasonably comfortable, some may be dirty, and in areas where chimneys are rare, rooms may be smoky.

It is a great way to connect with some of the local culture and definitely suits trekkers not wanting to carry the weight of their packs. The standard of lodging can vary from very similar to a hotel to something far more rustic.

Camping Trekking:

The classic style of trekking in Nepal and can be conducted almost anywhere in the country. Camp trekking is fully organized and is supported with a team of guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters to accompany you.

The porters carry all the necessary trekking gear, food, fuel and other goods. The cook will prepare all the meals during the camping trek. Trekkers only need to carry a small bag as required for the day. At night, tents for dining, sleeping and ablution are provided and set up. Staff arranges mattresses, sleeping bags, tables and seating. A Sirdar (chief guide) is employed to pre-arrange and then to oversee the entire program. All land transportation, local permits, taxes, porter insurance, port dues and entrance fees to National Parks or sites constituting an integral part of the trip are arranged.

Nepal Trekking Regions
Everest Trekking

Everest Region Trekking

This trek takes you through the soul of Sherpa community. Which lies right to the foothills of the mighty Everest with trails that guide you across the splendid wonders of nature divine, into tranquil monasteries & majestic landscapes? Trip that warms the heart Prepared for those wanting the 'classic' Everest Region ....

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Annapurna Region Trekking

Annapurna Region Trekking

The Annapurna region lies toward the north of Central Nepal. The region is well know for the most dramatic natural scenery, deep valleys, gorge, high mountain passes, and sub-tropical to alpine vegetation, Buddhist monasteries, Muktinath Temple, villages, ethnic people, their culture and lifestyle

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Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang Region Trekking

Trishuli River, the road gradually ascends to Shyaphru besi. Trek start from Shyaphru besi and you will travel on foot to Langtang National Park. The open valley at Langtang gradually unfolds as you ascend from Ghore Tabela through scattered Tamang villages. At Langtang you will visit Buddhist monastery at Kyanjin ...

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Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo Region Trekking

Region is distant region of Nepal and the central point of this area is Shey Phoksumdo National Park. The east and south of Dolpa is surrounded by the Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal ranges and to the west by Jumla district. Trekking to Lower Dolpa offers you the remarkable and breathtaking experience of lifetime ....

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Panch Pokhari Trekking

Panch Pokhari Trekking - 15 Days

This Trek lies in the east of Katmandu Valley towards snow wall at the altitude of the (4100m). This Trek is suitable for all the generation, children, young and old people. Panch pokhari trekking offers an ideal and interesting journey ....

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Around Manaslu Trekking

Around Manaslu Trekking - 21 Days

Manasulu is the eighth highest mountain in the world and the highest mountain in this region (8156m). Manaslu has a unique environment, which is exceptionally rich in bio diversity that has made this region one of the finest tourist destinations of Nepal for many years. You find different kinds of animals, birds and plants ...

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Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang Trekking - 19 Days

Tibetan lost kingdom of Lo lies at the northern hills of the country. It is also known for its unique cultures and walled city of the kingdom of Lo. Now stands alone as one of the last truly pure Tibetan cultures existing today. With its untouched temples, colorful festivals and red-robed lamas, the kingdom preserves not only ...

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Kanchenjunga Base Camp  Trekking

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking - 30 Days

Mt Kanchanjunga is the third highest peak in the world that lies at the altitude of (8600m) The Kanchenjunga area was opened up for Nepal trekking only in 1988 though people have trekked in the area in connection with mountaineering expeditions since the turn of the century This area is riches of culture and heritage

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Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trekking

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trekking - 23 Days

Dhaulagiri is one of the best high adventure-trek in Nepal. Geographically it is an area of dramatic contrast this trek provides very close up view of the huge snow peak Dhaulagiri (the 8th highest in the world) takes you over challenging mountain passes - the French pass (5360m) and Thapa Pass (5200m) - and over icy ...

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Makalu Base Camp Trekking

Makalu Base Camp Trekking - 23 Days

Makalu (8463m) is one of the beautiful mountains and it is 5th highest mountain in the world, lies near by the top of the world Everest that is challenging and an outstanding camping trekking in eastern Nepal. The mout likes Chamlang Himal and Barun Valley are the major jewels of this area. The main focal point of this ...

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Arun Valley Trekking

Arun Valley Trekking - 28 Days

This is a marvelous and easy trek for trekkers who do not want to encounter a mass influx of tourists on the trail but equally enjoy beautiful scenarios of valleys, splendid views of silvery mountains. Most of the people love and enjoy the Trek. This region is blesses with an incredible diversity

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Limi Valley Trekking

Limi Valley Trekking - 20 Days

The Limi Valley is known as the hidden Himilayan Valley because it is situated at the high altitude (4325m.) and very narrows. It is one of the most beautiful, adventurous and exciting place for the trekkers. Tibetan dominates the culture, custom and language. The culture and heritage of the Limi region is rich and varied

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Siklish Trekking

Siklish Trekking - 15 Days

It is lies in the east pokhara at the altitude of 2800meters.We have good view of natural beauties and Gurung village of Skilis. We Start from Begnas Lake and move to Kalikasthan. Then the trail climbs up to Siklis through a rhododendron forest

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Dhorpatan Trekking

Dhorpatan Trekking - 20 Days

Dhorpatan Trekking is best and adventure trek. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the only one spot in Nepal where license for hunting is permitted. It was established in 1987 it covers an area of 1,325 km2 (512 sq mi) in the Dhaulagiri Himal of western Nepal in the Rukum, Myagdi and Baglung Districts. In altitude it ranges

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Arun valley Everest

Arun valley Everest Trekking - 27 Days

The Arun valley is lies in the (5550m) which is located between Sagarmatha and Makalu Barun National Park. It shows us superb views of both Mt Everest and Mount Makalu. Trekking in this valley provides an alternative approach to the Khumbu region

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Mardi Himal Trekking

Mardi Himal Trekking - 15 Days

This Himal has a triangular shape and its summit forms the western lower slope of mount Machhapuchhre.The mountain possesses two peaks and thus, it is named Machhapuchhre, which in English means ‘Fish Tail’. It is situated in the southern high point of the Annapurna Massif ...

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Namobuddha Kathmandu Valley Trekking

Namobuddha Kathmandu Valley Trekking - 09 Days

Namo Buddha, with altitude of (2565m) lies in between Banepa and Panauti, is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site as well as a favored stopover for trekkers. It is known as“Takmo Lu Jin” Tigress Body Generosity in Tibetan. Rows of Buddhist stupas adorned with fluttering prayer flags. Yet what draws their attention most

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Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking

Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking - 08 Days

Chisapani Nagarkot trek is a hilly trekking takes place from Katmandu valley at the altitude of 1400 meters. It suits basically for old men and children. This region is popular for its culture, religious and a splendid Himalaya range. It is also famous for beautiful waterfall and green forest .We can see Himalayan Lake,

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Lower Rolwaling Trekking

Lower Rolwaling Trekking - 21 Days

Trekking in the lower Rolwaling area offers insights into the daily lives of hardworking people struggling to make a living beautiful and also offers relatively low elevation (generally below 4200mt.) that means few worries about acclimatization or altitude problem. This trek provides fascinating and beautiful

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