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New Langtang Trek Tamang Heritage Trail

New Langtang Trek Tamang Heritage TrailLangtang is a narrow valley situated 75 kms north of Katmandu close to the Tibetan border. This trekking rout is newly opened and wonderful trekking destination of Nepal. You can learn history of Tibet and Nepal though different channel like monuments etc. You can experience and learn rich cultural, life style etc of Tamang people of eastern part of Nepal who came tin Nepal many years back. This area is connected to Tibet and traders from Tibet bartering in Salt and mountain goats for meat (changra) with foodstuffs from the south used the trails in this region.

The people of this region are mostly Tibetans who came from Kerung in Tibet across the border and settled in Nepal. In earlier days, the citizenship of Nepal would not be offered to real Tibetans, so they changed their ethnicity to Tamang, which is what they still write until date. The cultural and traditions of these people are similar to the Tibetan across the border. Tourists can enjoy hot bath in the healing hot-water spring at Tatopani before reaching Nagthali, where stay is a unique experience. At Totopani, which literally means “Hot Water”, you can cleanse yourself spiritually in natural hot springs with bathing areas in the lap of the mountains. Locals believe that the waters have a healing quality that ease away your aches and pains the ancient monasteries and houses adorned with rich wood engravings at Thuman is an unforgettable experience.

At Briddim 1 gets to experience the famous Tamang hospitality, where there is home stay facility in 24 houses. It offers Himalayan cultural experience in the form of accommodation. Here visitors are accommodated as houseguests and are able to have first hand experience of the age-old culture and hospitality of the Tamang community. The accommodation and tourism package is managed by home stay Tourism Management Committee in the village. Briddim home stay was awarded 2nd Mountain Development Prize at the International Mountain Day programmed held in Katmandu December 2005.The daily life of the villagers includes raising livestock, agriculture and trade with Kerung in Tibet. Wheat, maize, potato, soybean and millet are their staple food.

In addition, visitor can also observe Syabru dance, Khampa dance, Shaman performance and other colorful performances during major festivals like Lhosa (Feb) Chhiju (Dec) Baisakh Purnima (Apr-May) and as per visitor's request.You will see the views of Langtang Mountains. Sanjen range, Ganesh Himal, Kerung and Gosaikunda range along the way give a wholesome experience of Himalayan landscape and vegetation.

Trek Features

Duration Day in Nepal: 17 days

Total duration treks: 13 days

Trek style: Fully: Lodge Trekking

Trek starts/ends: Syabru besi / Dhunche

Max elevation: Altitude3800mt.

Trek grading: Moderate - Difficult

Best season: March-May, October-November, December , January and February

Accommodation: 4 nights in hotels in Kathmandu on bed and breakfast and 13 nights in Lodge with breakfast, lunch and dinner

Trip Details Itinerary

Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu, transfer to airport

Day 02 : In Kathmandu- free day, sort out permit & equipment

Day 03 : Drive from Kathmandu to Syabru besi

Day 04 : Syabru besi trek to Gatlang Lodge

Day 05 : Gatlang trek to Tatopani Lodge

Day 06 : Tatopani trek to Thuman Lodge

Day 07 : Thuman trek to Briddim Local home.

Day 08 : Briddim trek to Lamahotel

Day 09 : Lamahotel trek to Langtang

Day 10 : Langtang trek to Kanjin

Day 11 : Kanjin rest day and hike to Langsisa Kharka

Day 12 : Kanjin trek to Lama

Day 13 : Lama hotel trek to Thulosyabru

Day 14 : Thulosyabru trek to Dhunche

Day 15 : Dhunche drive to Kathmandu

Day 16 : In Kathmandu, free day

Day 17 : Transfer to airport, depart Kathmandu