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Expedition in Nepal

Mountaineering Expedition means an act of expedition to any peaks of mountain range with the intention of reaching to the summit. Nepal is best for the mountaineering expedition. It has been started when the Sir Ed. Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa success the climbing on 1953 in 29th may. The adventure and challenge brought-forward by mountain climbing sports are still on and keen eager to find of Mountaineers. The government of Nepal and China autonomous regions of Tibet as opened many peaks for mountaineering expedition which some peaks are possible to climb both side. Expedition in Nepal marked as all the major peaks above 7000-8000m, which are extreme and challenging.

Gleaming like a silver majestic fortress, Himalayas mountain range of Nepal boasts of having eight of the world’s highest fourteen peaks over 8000m, including the highest of them all, Mt. Everest and numerous others trekking peaks between (5000m( and (6500m.) Equipped with top notch mountaineering equipments, highly experienced team of Sherpa climbers, Explore Himalaya has led over Ninety Himalaya Mountaineering Expeditions to (8000m) + peaks and innumerable trips to Nepal trekking peaks below 6500 meter in the last ten years of its operation. Before climbing the Mountain above (8000m), you have to need the good skill and have the good and experience Sherpa. In this present day, Nepal has lure all the world class climbers to challenge with Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Dhaulagiri, Cho Oyo and Annapurna. All these extreme peaks are ascent by different country’s Heroes and Heroines in different dates set world record in climbing history.

The history of the expedition of Mount Everest is interesting, yet gruesome. Since the first expedition in the year 1924, there were numerous attempts made for the summit but the first success came as late as in the year 1953 by Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. The expeditions have until now climbed more than 400 lives. Expedition is one of interesting and adventure sports in life. In present most of the people love to do the expedition and increasing day by day.

Nepal Expedition Peaks
Everest Expidition

Everest Expidition - 60 Days

Expedition is the one of the adventure and lifetime memorable that change the life of the people as well as give the lifetime entertainment.Tenzing Nrgay and the Edmund Hillery was the first person to summit the Mout Everet ..

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Everest Expedition from Tibet

Everest Expedition from Tibet - 65 Days

Mount Everest at (8,848m) is perhaps the most coveted mountain in the world. Mt. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first summated Everest in 1953 and Edmund Hillary via the South Col. Everest is certainly a lifetime opportunity. Climbing Everest from the Tibet side is relatively

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Amadablam Expidition

Amadablam Expidition - 44 Days

Amadablam Mountain is the one of the beautiful mountains and its name is kept by Sherpa’s people which means Mother and her Necklace, Mother's Charm Box, Mother's Jewel Box.

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Baruntse Expedition

Baruntse Expedition - 39 Days

Baruntse expedition is an adventure for climbers wishing to summit a (7000m) well as best and popular for Expedition. This area is full of natural beauties and adventure. This mountain is converting day by day like the other Pumori, Ama Dablam as well as Everest too ...

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Cho Oyu Expedition

Cho Oyu Expedition from Tibet - 39 Days

The sixth highest mountain in the world is Cho Oyu (8201m). Cho Oyu Expedition is a classic Himalayan climb and considered the easiest (8000m) peak to climb via its Northwest Ridge, with no technical climbing, big snowfields, and little objective danger. The Austrians were the first to step onto the snow-dome summit of Cho

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Dhaulagiri Expedition

Dhaulagiri Expedition - 41 Days

Dhaulagiri is Sanskrit and means White Mountain. This Mt. Dhaulagiri is situated at the north central part of the Nepal. Its altitude is (8157m). It was discovered in1808 by the western world and it replaced Ecuador’s Chimborazo (20,561 ft.) as the postulated highest mountain in the world. After four more expeditions failed

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Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga Expedition - 52 Days

The altitude of the Kanchanjunga is (8,587m), which are the second-highest peak in the Nepal and the third highest in World (after Mount Everest and K2). It is so beautiful and adventure. Kanchenjunga translated means "The Five Treasures of Snows", as it contains five peaks, four of them over (8,450m). The treasures

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Makalu Expidition

Makalu Expidition - 56 Days

Mount Makalu 8463meter Expedition in Nepal is very adventurous route to climb because of the Mount Makalu west face it is a little bit dangerous as well. The five attempts were made before climbing this Mount Makalu Mountain; then only it was succeeded in the final

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Manaslu Expidition

Manaslu Expidition - 50 Days

Manaslu is the 8th highest peak in the world in the remote Gorkha region of Nepal. Mount Manaslu (8163m), It was first climbed in 1953 by a Japanese team north face expedition. This mountain was previously known as Kutang "tang" being the Tibetan word for flat place thereby describing the mountain's general summit.

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Pumori Expedition

Pumori Expedition - 35 Days

The Mount Pumori Base camp can be reached from Kathmandu - Lukla flight; and then trekking via Namche Bazaar, Thangboche - Pheriche and Lobuche. Mount Pumori is (7145m.) High and ascent starts at (5,300m) which are beside a beautiful small lake from here you can get a beautiful sight of Mt. Everest ...

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Shisa Pangma Expedition

Shisa Pangma Expedition (Tibet Side) - 36 Days

The Mt Shishapabgma, is located in the Tibiet and China. Its altitude is (8000m) Shisha Pangma, known in Tibetan as "the god of the grasslands", is the lowest of the world's fourteen (8000m) peaks. It is also the only (8000m) peak located wholly in Tibet. After an early attempt, it was first climbed in 1964 by a Tibetan-Chinese

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