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Everest Expidition From Tibet Side

Everest Expidition From Tibet sideMount Everest at (8,848m) is perhaps the most coveted mountain in the world. Mt. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first summated Everest in 1953 and Edmund Hillary via the South Col. Everest is certainly a lifetime opportunity. Climbing Everest from the Tibet side is relatively easier and less costly than climbing from the Nepal side. Still, Everest expeditions encounter many seen and unseen obstacles including high altitude, harsh weather conditions and even sheer exhaustion.

In Tibet, each mountain has its own story and each story is the quintessence of fortitude and steadfastness, a quality that the denizens of the land hold most precious. Share these immortal moments with the mountains and its people. Everest (8848m).North Col Expedition begins when you arrive to Katmandu where you meet the staff of trek & Expedition in the airport and transfer you to hotel. Next day, we have introduction section with other climbing members & Expedition crews. Since then we make your Tibet visa and other necessary document for the Everest Expedition. We drive you towards Nepal-Tibet border up to Friendship Bridge through Arniko Highway, where the Chinese liaison officer and Chinese transport meet us. The expedition gears go by truck while we travel by Land cruiser. We you take time to acclimatize with one night at Zhangmu (2300m) and two nights at Nylam (3750m), which also gives us the chance to trek up high hills for acclimatization.

Next day we drive to Tingri (4350m) where we spend further two nights acclimatizing. Then we drive Tingri to Base camp (5400m) along rough way with jerking & bouncing through grassy plain leading up to Everest BC, which is also called Chinese base camp. We set up our camp at Chinese Base Camp and stay two nights or more, depending on how everyone feels. We also make schedules of the yaks by that time. Base camp is a temporary but comfortable affair with Nepali cook and dining tent. Now the two-day walk towards Advanced Base Camp (Everest base camp) begins. After waking 2 days, we reach to EBC (6400m) along with the Yaks. After that, you walk through the route with large boulder where we should use ladder to climb ahead. Again after that section of the route, we should fix rope. Above these steps, route is relatively easy with gentle ground until we reach at the third steps. Again there are quite steep and fixed ropes to go ahead to the buttressed rocks from where there is a short section of corniced ridge to reach on the Summit of Everest.

Trip Details Itinerary

Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu, transfer to airport

Day 02/03 : In Kathmandu- free day, sort out permit & equipment

Day 04 : Drive Zhangmu, Lodge.

Day 05 : Drive to Nylam, Lodge.

Day 06 : Rest Day for Acclimatized.

Day 07 : Drive to Tingri Camp

Day 08 : Rest Day for Acclimatized.

Day 09 : Drive Chinese Base Camp.

Day 10 : Chinese Everest Camp (5400mt.)

Day 11 : Chinese Everest Base Camp.

Day 12 : Chinese Everest Base Camp to Middle Camp load carry by Yaks.

Day 13 : Middle Camp Advance Base Camp of Everest (6400mt.)

Day 14 to 58:Climbing Period of Everest 8848mt.

Day 59 : A.B.C. to Base Camp.

Day 60 : Drive to Tingri Lodge.

Day 61 : Drive to Zhangmu lodge.

Day 62 : Drive Border exit and drive to Kathmandu.

Day 63 : Kathmandu

Day 64 : In Kathmandu, free day

Day 65 : Transfer to airport, depart Kathmandu