Nepal Adventure Trip

Jumla Rara Lake Trekking

Jumla Rara Lake TrekkingRara Lake lies in the remote far northwest of Nepal under Rara National park. The park was established in 1976 with the purpose to protect the beautiful lake and endanger animals, alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems of the Himalaya. The lake is surrounded by richly forested hills, Chuchemara Danda at (4,087m) is the best vantage point to get stunning views of the lake and the thickly forested hillsides and the snow-capped peaks around it. Much of the park is at an altitude of about 3,000 meters forested by conifers. It is a Nepal's largest lake and lies at an altitude of (3050m) with 167 meters depth. It is surrounded by verdant alpine meadows and steep densely forested ridges abundant with wildlife. The lake is stunningly beautiful, with unbelievably tranquility, a paradise untouched. The region around Jumla and Rara Lake is still relatively unexplored.

This Trek is fully camping Trek consist of ten days. Our trek starts from Jumla, the largest upland hill town in the west Nepal, Climbing gradually through the forests of mixed oak, conifer, pine, broad-leafed chestnut, white birch and rhododendron. There is not available of Tea house and lodges in this Trek. Food has to bring from Jumla but beyond the Bazaar. It is often unavailable. There are lodges in Jumla and bunkhouse at the Lake; in between there are ten houses where you could stay but camping is more pleasant and certainly more reliable. We cross the lush alpine meadows with herds of sheep and goat herders. An outstanding snowcapped panorama of Dolpo and Tibetan mountains overshadows the scene across the deep clear waters of the lake. The National park consists of Himalayan black bear, leopard, Black Panther, thar, musk deer, red panda, goral, wild boar, rhesus and languor monkeys and numerous species of birds. The final four days of the trek offers superb views over Mugu, the southern mountains of Humla and the border ranges of Tibet, the trail takes us through grassy alpine pastures and remote villages, before descending steeply off the second pass to Jumla. From here, we fly back to Katmandu via Nepalgunj.

Rara comes within the catchments’ area of the Karnali River, one of the three main river systems of Nepal. The habitat supports animals like the red panda, black bear, yellow-throated martin, goral, serow and musk deer. There have also been reported sightings of leopard and wolf. The lake attracts migrant wildfowl like teals and mallards. Resident birds include the Implying, kalij and blood pheasant as well as others like the chukkor partridge. During a Rara jungle Safari you will enjoy the scene of migrant birds including waterfowl, Gallinaceous birds, Coots, great-crested grebe, black-necked grebe, mallard, common teal, merganser and gulls. One of the best ways to overlook the flora and fauna is by walking deep into the jungle through fine grassland and typical villages where you can find unique religions and cultures, as well as abundant wild life. Rara trek is famous for bird watching in Nepal.

Rara Jungle Safari offers you the opportunity to have an adventure, which you will never.

Rara trek is completely a trekking base on nature and its beauty.

Trek Features

Duration day in Nepal: 17 days

Total duration treks: 13 days

Trek style: Fully: Camping Trekking

Trek starts/ends: Nepalgunj / Nepalgunj

Max elevation: 2980m.

Trek grading: Moderate

Best season: March-May, October-November

Accommodation: 4 nights in hotels in Kathmandu on bed and breakfast and 13 nights camping treks in with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trip highlights: Extremely pristine and isolated region, Breathtaking mountain views, Diverse moutain flora and fauna

Trip Details Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu, transfer to airport

Day 02: In Kathmandu- free day, sort out permit & equipment

Day 03: Fly Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

Day 04: Fly Nepalgunj to Jumla

Day 05: Jumla trek to Chere chaur (2890m.)

Day 06: Chere chaur trek to Nyawre (2670m.)

Day 07: Nyawre trek to Bhulbule (3130m.)

Day 08: Bhulbule trek to Jhyari (2580m.)

Day 09: Jhyari trek to Rara Lake(2980m.)

Day 10: Excursion and rest day around Rara Lake

Day 11: Rara lake trek to Gorosingha (3190m.)

Day 12: Gorosingha trek to Sinja ( 2440m.)

Day 13: Sinja trek to Jala Jala Chaur (3270m.)

Day 14: Jalale Jalale Chaur trek to Jumla (2370m.)

Day 15: Fly Jumla to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu: Fly

Day 16: Free day in Kathmandu. Transfer at airport

Day 17: Transfer to airport, depart Katmandu