Nepal Adventure Trip

Shishapabgma Expidition

Shisapangma ExpeditionThe Mt Shishapabgma, is located in the Tibiet and China. Its altitude is (8000m) Shisha Pangma, known in Tibetan as "the god of the grasslands", is the lowest of the world's fourteen (8000m) peaks. It is also the only (8000m) peak located wholly in Tibet. After an early attempt, it was first climbed in 1964 by a Tibetan-Chinese expedition and was opened to foreign climbers in 1978. The peak originally carried a Hindustani name: Gosainthan. People have descended it on skiis and for our next expedition, the skiing and snowboarding are best in the camp 1 and camp 2 areas. Snowshoes or racquet’s may be nice to have. Shishapangma was first attempted by Chinese Expedition in 1964 from the Northern side. Shisapangma is one of the most visible and easily visited 8000-meters peaks. It towers impressively near Nyalam Thong-La Pass.

Shishapabgma Regarded as a 'holy' mountain by the local Tibetan population, and lying on the route to Mt. Kailash, Shishapangma continues to baffle us. Historians cannot fathom her names - Shishapangma, Xixabangma, Gosainthan, and surveyors seem unable to fix their height (anything from (8,012m) to (8,046m).Even the first ascent by the Chinese in 1964 is questioned, due to the lack of photographic evidence and the fact that the summit ridge sports several subsidiary 'summits'. Yet, the mountain is perhaps the most accessible of her genre, rising only a few miles west of the Katmandu-Lhasa Highway. It was 16 years before the mountain received its second ascent, by a West German team in 1980, and it has been climbed every year since.

The only (8,000m) peak to lie entirely in Tibet; it lies tantalizingly close to the Nepalese border, shrouded behind the great, but less high, border peaks of Langtang. Enterprising individuals sought mere glimpses of it during the period that other (8,000m) peaks were receiving their first ascents! It is perhaps not surprising that it was the last of the (8,000m) peaks to be climbed. Not that its ascent by the North-West Ridge presents any great difficulty. On the contrary, it is now regarded as one of the most straightforward (8,000m) climbs and its summit is frequently achieved.

Trip Details Itinerary

Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu, transfer to airport

Day 02/03: In Kathmandu- free day, sort out permit & equipment

Day 04 : Drive to Kodari, transfer to Zhangmu / Lodge

Day 05 : Drive to Nylam / Lodge

Day 06 : Acclimatization at Nylam / Lodge

Day 07 : Drive to Chinese Base Camp

Day 08 : Trek towards

Day 09 : Arrive at Advance Base Camp/ Camp

Day 10-31: Climbing Period of Shisapangma.

Day 32 : Trek from Advance Base Camp to Chinese Base Camp

Day 33 : Drive to Nylam / Lodge

Day 34 : Drive to Zhangmu to Kathmandu, hotel

Day 35 : In Kathmandu, free day

Day 36 : Transfer to airport, depart Kathmandu