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Simikot Kailash to Lhasa Trekking

Simikot Kailash to Lhasa TrekkingMt Kaliash is the source of four great Asian rivers. For Hindus it is the throne of Shiva, for Buddhists, a gigantic natural Mandala, also the epicenter of Tantric forces for both religions. This Trek lies in the west of Nepal. This trek is considered as a non-technical trek and suitable for average people and moderately fit and have a sense of adventure will enjoy this trek.

The tour to Mt. Kailash commences from Simikot, which is situate at an elevation of (2910m) and climbs up to Na-Lagna pass (4330m) before reaching the arid Tibetan Plateau. From Simikot, it takes a 6-day’s journey to reach the Tibetan border town, which is plenty of time to be acclimatizing in high altitude. There is no direct air service from Katmandu to Simikot, so travelers generally have to fly Simikot via Nepalgunj, the regional hub of Western Nepal. From Katmandu, we either have to take 12 hours overland journey in Bus OR have to take an hour’s flight to Nepalgunj. Both options are available on regular basis. Nepalgunj-Simikot flight operates early in the morning, so we must stay a night in Nepalgunj to catch early morning flight the next day. Monsoon rains often make delay the Nepalgunj-Simikot flights and make it difficult to get tickets, so it is always better to book this trip as earlier as possible. As we trek for 6 days through one of the most remote regions of Nepal, we have to bring all logistics that requires during our trekking portion in Nepal side.The rests of the logistic, which are required during our journey to Mt. Kailash, will be supplied via the alternative route (Zhang-Mu). A supporting truck will come all the way from Lhasa to Nepal boarder (Kodari, near Zhang-Mu) to fetch the equipments (kitchen and camping) & foods and bring them to Hilsa border before the group reach there.

Due to the small room in aircraft, the logistics, which will be required for the entire journey, cannot be supplied via Simikot route only. In addition, this requires huge labor to carry all the logistics to the Hilsa boarder and by then most of the fragile items will be destroy. Therefore, we must supply the foods and other logistics to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar from the alternative route. The tour (Mt. Kilash(6741m) & Lake Manasarovar tour) normally ends in Zhang-Mu and it requires 20 days. But if you like to continue your journey to Lhasa, this is possible to arrange and also, we can combine Mt. Kailash(6741m)and Lake Manasarovar tour with Tibet Everest Base Camp tour You will encounter travelers with horses and yaks laden with goods. After a few days trek on the Nepal side we take you to Tibetan border market Purang where Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian traders meet to exchange wares. The highlight of the trip is to visit Rakshastal (Devil Lake), the holy Lake of Mansarovar, "born from the mind of Bramha", trek around the Mt. Kailash and visit the former Gu-ge kingdom with its two main centers of Toling and Tsaparang.

Trek Features

Duration in Tibet: 15 days

Duration in Nepal: 11 day

Max elevation: 5630 mt.

Trek grading: Moderate/Demanding

Total duration treks: 22 days

Trek style: Fully Camping trekking

Trek starts/ends: Simikot / Lhasa

Best season: June,July,Augast and September

Accommodation: 4 nights in hotels in Kathmandu on bed and breakfast and 22 nights Camping treks in with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trip highlights: Extremely pristine and isolated region, Breathtaking mountain views, Diverse moutain flora and fauna

Trip Details Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu, transfer to airport

Day 02: In Kathmandu- free day, sort out permit & equipment

Day 03: Fly to Nepalganj

Day 04: Fly to Simikot (2960m) trek to Dhara Pokhari (2300m)

Day 05: Dhara Pokhari trek to Salli Khola (2700m)

Day 06: Salli Khola trek to Muchu (2920m)

Day 07: Acclimatization day in Muchu

Day 08: Muchu trek to Sipsip (4330m)

Day 09: Sipsip trek to Hilsa (3720m)

Day 10: Hilsa trek to Taklakot (3930m),drive to Manasarovar (4560m)

Day 11: Acclimatization day at Manasarovar

Day 12: Manasarovar drive to Darchen (4750m)

Day 13: Darchen trek to Dira-puk

Day 14: Dira-puk trek to Zutul-puk (4790m)

Day 15: Zutul-puk trek to Darchen (4560m)

Day 16: Darchen drive to Paryang (4750m)

Day 17: Paryang drive to Saga (4600m)

Day 18: Saga drive to Shigatse (3900m)

Day 19: Sightseeing drive to Gyantse (3950m)

Day 20: Sightseeing drive to Lhasa (3650m)

Day 21: Sightseeing in Lhasa

Day 22: Sightseeing in Lhasa

Day 23: Free day in Lhasa

Day 24: Fly to Kathmandu (1400m)

Day 25: In Kathmandu, free day

Day 26: Transfer to airport, depart Kathmandu