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Simikot to Kailash Manasarowar Trekking

Simikot to Kailash Manasarowar TrekkingThis Trek lies at the altitude of (6714m) and kailash is follow as a God in the world by Hindus, Buddhists; Jain and Bon. Mt Kaliash is the source of four great asian rivers. For Hindus it is the throne of Shiva, for Buddhists, a gigantic natural Mandala, also the epicenter of Tantric forces for both religions. This Trek lies in the west of Nepal. This trek is considered as a non-technical trek and suitable for average people and moderately fit and have a sense of adventure will enjoy this trek. It is considered the axis of the cosmos, from which four rivers, the Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej and the Karnali have their source and flow into the four directions. The ritual circumambulation of the mountain is part of the pilgrimage around Lake Manasarowar. You do the sightseeing in Nepal for two or 3 days then you will move towards the Tibet.

You will start your trip from Simkot,Dharanpani and karmi.Simikot, situated at an altitude of (2910m) is the administrative head quarter of the Humla-district of Nepal, which falls within the Karnali Zone. The Northern frontier of this district is connected with ALI prefecture of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, which is home to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Given the proximity of this region to Kailash & Manasarovar, a significant number of trekkers and pilgrims pass through each year. The region is home to the Nyinpa tribe, whose language and culture are very similar to the Tibetans. They are Buddhist, and practice shamanism, which is related to an 'Ancient Bon-Buddhism.’ The Nyinpa occupies the Northern frontier of Humla, whereas the South is home to Hindus ('Khasa')

In general, the climate of Simikot is very pleasant & comfortable. During the winter, there can be a snowfall, but rest of the year the temperature is mild. However, during the monsoon (July, August & mid-Sep), the weather turns unpredictable and stormy, so there can be problems with flights. It is not unusual for planes to be grounded for several days during this season.

After karmi you steps towards the Yalbang Gompa(2900mt), Tumkot Khola(2800m), Thado Dunga(3800m) and over Nara la pass(4325m).“You see the beautiful Trails of Enlightenment” at Lake Manasarowar. Stepping on its shore and taking a bath, or drinking from the water cleans the sins of a hundred rebirths. The trail around the lake is a serene experience in crystal clear environment. In summer, wild geese and Himalayan swans swim on its waters. Six of the eight gompas have been rebuilt. On a rock, high above the lake is Gosul Gompa, which offers a splendid view.

We follow the canyon-like Sutlej in western direction. In midst a fantastic scenario of ochre colored castles and towers lie the 900 years old ruins of Tsaparang, the capital of the old kingdom of Guge. We drive on to Darchen, where we begin our mythical journey around Kailash; the parikrama (Skt.) or kora (Tibet.)

Kailash resembles a huge natural temple. Stones, springs and hills along the way have a deeper religious meaning to the pilgrims. The trail leads through a golden-yellow steppe into the valley of the holy river and through canyons before the ascent to its highest point, Dolma La (5636m), starts. Pious wanderers mumble their prayers and ring their brass bells in front of the holy rock in which, according to legend the goddess Dolma disappeared after she had guided the first pilgrim here. To pilgrims it is the symbolic passage through the gates of death after which one is cleansed and prepared for a good rebirth. You drive through paryang, sanga, Nyalam and reach to the Zangmu kodari border. Then you will back to the Katmandu.

Trek Features

Duration in Tibet: 19 days

Duration in Nepal: 04 day

Max elevation: 5630 mt.

Trek grading: Moderate/Demanding

Total duration treks: 19 days

Trek style: Fully:Lodge trek/Camping trekking

Trek starts/ends: Simikot / Zhangmu

Best season: June,July,Augast and September

Accommodation: 4 nights in hotels in Kathmandu on bed and breakfast and 19 nights camping treks in with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trip highlights: Extremely pristine and isolated region, Breathtaking mountain views, Diverse moutain flora and fauna

Trip Details Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu, transfer to airport

Day 02: In Kathmandu- free day, sort out permit & equipment

Day 03: Afternoon fly to Nepalgunj

Day 04: Fly to Simikot and Acclimatization

Day 05: Simikot trek to Dharapari (2400mt) Camp

Day 06: Dharapari trek to Kermi (2550mt.) Camp

Day 07: Kermi trek to Yalbang Gompa (2900mt.) Camp

Day 08: Yalbang Gompa trek Tumkot Khola ( 2800mt.) Camp

Day 09: Tumkot Khola trek to Thado Dunga (3800mt.) Camp

Day 10: Thado Dunga trek to Over Nara la Pass (4325mt. to camp at Hilsa (3500mt.) Camp

Day 11: Hilsa trek to Sher and drive to Taklakot Guesthouse

Day 12: Drive to Manasarovar Thogu monastery. 4500m-

Day 13: Drive to Darchen via Chiu & walk to Darboche

Day 14: Darchen trek to Diraphuk Monastery Camp

Day 15: Diraphuk Monastery trek over Dolma La Pass ( 5630mt.) to Khando Shanglham. Camp,/

Day 16: Khando Shanglham. trek to Darchen and drive to Hor Manasarovar Via Zuthulphuk

Day 17: Drive to Paryang - Camp

Day 18: Drive to Saga - Camp

Day 19: Drive to Nyalam. Camp

Day 20: Drive to Zangmu

Day 21: Drive to Kathmandu

Day 22: In Kathmandu, free day to rest and shopping.

Day 23: Transfer to airport, depart Kathmandu